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Mobile Home Repair

Manufactured Mobile Home Repair

Website Overview

Any mobile home repair you do yourself can be a great help with your household budget by performing various maintenance service, repairs, remodeling or renovations. 

 Please use my experience in working on and living in manufactured mobile homes to help guide you towards saving money, by doing your own maintenance and mobile home repair.

I have been living in manufactured mobile homes since 1983 and as someone who has been repairing, remodeling, renovating and servicing manufactured mobile homes as a pro for many years my intention is to provide the best and most commonly needed information from my 30+ years of experience in working on, maintaining and living in mobile manufactured housing.

Typically electrical and plumbing are the two most frequent problems encountered when it comes to taking care of a manufactured homes. Many hours were devoted in answering those repair questions.

  Doing home repairs just takes common sense. Renovating or making improvements to manufactured mobile homes can be a money saver. Anyone with basic plumbing or electrical knowledge can perform a mobile home repair.

 Always follow the recommendations and instructions found on any packaging. Select all building materials and parts for your manufactured home repair and renovations wisely. 

It doesn't matter if you own a Palm Harbor, Fleetwood, Clayton Homes, Horton, Oakwood, Champion, Redman, Schult or any other brand, the repairing guidelines supplied apply toward all single wide, double wide or triple wide manufactured homes.

Don't cut corners. Do it right the first time, a poorly done repair costs you twice.

If more specific information is needed, a better explanation on any repairs or step by step How To DIY instructions on repairing problems, remodeling, renovation, improvement or maintenance service subjects let me know.

Safety should always be the utmost priority. If you are not sure of your abilities, I advise you to select and hire licensed handyman, electrician or plumber. Ask your friends, neighbors and local dealerships for any services they use. Always ask for recommendations, certifications and references before allowing anyone to do any service repair work.

Adhere to local zoning and planning department regulations before taking on any manufactured housing repairs therefore avoiding a citation for unauthorized repair work.

Have any questions?
If you can not find the how to fix it answers for your do it yourself improvements, renovation or maintenance problems, please feel free to send any questions or comments and I will help you FREE.

I invite everyone to look at the DIY Repair Blog Page
 I have posted questions that were emailed to me along with the answers I gave. Most people find this helpful with a manufactured home repair problem they are having.

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