Mobile Home Wiring Diagrams

Mobile Home Wiring Diagrams

Mobile home wiring diagrams for receptacle outlets and switches are hard to come by for older mobile homes and manufactured homes. There are websites that will sell you mobile home wiring diagrams, but I have not checked them out and can not vouch for them. Mobile home dealers and manufactured homes dealers rarely have these mobile home wiring diagrams and quite often the manufacturers won't release schematics. Mobile home electrical circuits are not hard to understand and except for very few differences are identical in adhering to site built homes electrical codes. There only a few differences to take into account when troubleshooting or adding on to an electrical outlet receptacle or switch circuit. Mobile homes and manufactured homes will almost always pull the branch circuit wires through the walls or over head from the circuit breaker panel box, with the vast majority of the wire being pulled through the walls. The other major difference in most cases is the mobile home style one piece switches and receptacle outlets that are used. If any mobile home electrical wiring problems arise such as parts of a circuit not working they can usually be traced to bad connections in these devices. I have addressed this issue elsewhere on this website and recommend changing them out with snap-in boxes and standard outlet receptacles and switch devices. In general the only wires that you may encounter under your home or are the service outlet and along with this you may also find on double wide mobile homes the crossover junction connection wiring used to get power from the homes service panel circuit breaker box side to the other side of the manufactured home. My recommendation is that you use the article directory site map at the top of the page to get the help you need to troubleshoot a particular mobile home wiring problem. Please feel free to send me any questions you might have if you can't find your answers. I will be happy to provide all the FREE help I can.

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